Access Academy Training – Evaluating Outreach Work (Session 3): Analysing the data

Access Academy Training

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  • Location/Venue

      Central London

  • Time

      9:30 am - 4:00 pm

In this session we will look at the claims we can make from data and how we think about issues of ‘validity’ in relation to these claims; we will also think about the different analytical lenses through which data can be viewed. In particular we will focus on:

  • Different approaches to analysing data
  • Thinking about the claims we can make from data and offering ‘evidence’
  • Issues of rigour, legitimacy and trustworthiness
  • Thinking about cultural sensibilities

Pre-reading will include work by David Thomas, Harry Wolcott, and Anjum Halai

This event is part of a 4 session suite. NEON members receive nearly a 40% discount (£297) by booking all 4 sessions.