NCOP Practitioners Conference

NEON Global Events

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  • Location/Venue

      Leeds Beckett University

  • Time

      9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Key to the success of the NCOP is effective dialogue across consortia. If the impact of these resources are to be maximised there must be spaces where staff delivering the NCOP can exchange practice, discuss common challenges and build relationships with colleagues from other consortia.

NEON is aiming to facilitate the development of an active ‘community of practice’ around the NCOP. Evidence shows clearly that where there are communities of practice, the chances of sustainable impact is increased.

This event is a key part of the NEON ‘NCOP in Action’ support programme. It is an opportunity to examine:

  • Emerging delivery models: how are consortia assembling their programmes? What issues are they focusing on with learners? What is the early feedback on learner need and how is that shaping the activities being commissioned and delivered?
  • Building partnerships with schools and colleges: how are consortia securing the strategic buy in from schools and colleges? How is NCOP being fitted in to the agenda of the school and college?
  • Working with communities: how important is it to work with organisations outside of schools and colleges to engage learners and their families? What initiatives are being developed here? How can impact be evaluated?
  • Hear from learners: what do learners from NCOP really want? Why are they not progressing to HE?
  • Link with other consortia: who is facing the same challenges are you in other consortia? Who is having issues with targeting learners/evaluation approaches/engaging schools, colleges. HEIs or parents? How can we exchange knowledge to overcome challenges and enhance impact?

Provisional Programme

10.00 Introductions – Graeme Atherton

10.15 Progress so far: What do delivery models look like? (Table Discussion)

11.15 Break

11.45 Building partnerships with schools & colleges: what is working? (Table Discussion)

12.45 Lunch

1.30 Working with community partners: How and why?

2.15 What are learners telling us?

3.00 Working across consortia: NCOP speed dating

3.45 Summing up

4.00 Close

For those of you attending the Symposium there will be a 25% reduction in the cost of this event. We can arrange accommodation for you on the night of the 7th June at a cost of £45 (This does not include an evening meal on the 7th but will include breakfast on the morning of the 8th).