NEON Seminar: ‘Leading the world or lagging behind? How higher education in the UK compares to other countries’

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      11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Higher education in the UK is now at a crossroads. With an incoming Labour government, significant changes could be on the horizon impacting various aspects of higher education, from funding and regulation to widening access and participation. Ahead of these crucial shifts, it is important to understand our current position across all four nations of the UK and to identify our strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other parts of the world.

What is the seminar about?

NEON is offering this FREE online seminar in partnership with the House of Commons Library. It draws on the recent report on Higher education around the world: Comparing international approaches and performance with the UK, written by House of Commons Parliamentary Research Fellow and NEON Director, Professor Graeme Atherton with Commons Library researchers Dr Joe Lewis and Paul Bolton.

This seminar will draw on evidence from the report to identify where the strengths and weaknesses are in higher education in the UK. The questions discussed will include:

  • How is higher education funded across the world and what the UK can learn from these different approaches?
  • How do other OECD countries regulate their higher education systems and how does this differ from what the four nations of the UK do?
  • What are the characteristics of the global higher education research footprint globally of UK universities?
  • How global HE rankings systems differ and why UK universities do well?
  • How does admission, participation and the commitment to widening access to higher education in the UK compare to other countries?
  • What the implications for higher education in the UK are of future trends in higher education participation globally?

Who should attend? 

  • Policy professionals focused on higher education;
  • Researchers focused on higher education systems, comparative education studies and international education trends;
  • Vice Chancellors, Pro Vice Chancellors and other higher education professionals involved in institutional planning and strategic decision making;
  • Higher education professionals interested in potential developments in higher education in the UK in the next five years;
  • Journalists covering higher education topics and trends

Missed the event? You can find the recording here