The National Education Opportunities Network (NEON) is the professional organisation supporting those involved in widening access to higher education (HE). NEON aims to enable those working to widen access to HE at all levels and in all sectors to affect change in their own organisations and communities.

NEON was founded in early 2012 as the professional organisation to support those involved in widening access to higher education (HE) and social mobility. At the heart of NEON is a cross-sector approach bringing together HE institutions (HEIs), schools, colleges, the voluntary sector, professional bodies and employers. NEON is hosted by London Higher, the representative organisation for universities in London. NEON is an independent non-state funded organisation. NEON grew from the need for a strong, coherent community of professionals that could support learners from underrepresented backgrounds to enter HE. NEON is shaped and led by its members.

Our Objectives

NEON has four objectives:

  • To increase the professionalisation of widening access work through the development and accreditation of practice
  • To be a research and advocacy resource for those working in access at the local, regional and national level
  • To develop and enhance practice and quality in widening access work
  • To offer input and support to policy-makers and government from the widening access community.

NEON is committed to working in partnership with other organisations who share its values. Most of what NEON does is forged in collaboration with like-minded partners. If you would like to work with NEON please email Dr Graeme Atherton, Director, NEON.

Access to and success in higher education should not be related to social background but based on ability and willingness to participate.

To empower and enable those with a commitment to widening access to HE to affect change in their institutions and communities.

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NEON is the new professional organisation supporting those involved in widening access to higher education (HE).

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