NEON offers a variety of programmes throughout the academic year. If you are at all interested in advancing the Widening Participation agenda, NEON has a programme for you. For a full flavour of what we have on offer, please read on below.

Working Groups

NEON Working Groups focus on bringing individuals/organisations together to establish and take forward an agenda in different areas of access practice. This may involve exchanging good practice, agreeing collaborative ventures or making links with other relevant partners. Any organisational member can propose a Working Group. They are led by the proposing organisation and supported by the NEON infrastructure.

If as a member, you wish to propose and lead a Working Group please contact Dr Graeme Atherton (Director, NEON).

Access Academy Training

The NEON Access Academy is a comprehensive set of training activities available to all with significant reductions for NEON members. You are able to choose from a selection of different topics with each day long course generally running from 9.30am until 4pm.

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NEON is the new professional organisation supporting those involved in widening access to higher education (HE).

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