NEON Launches #OutreachWorks Campaign


As you will be aware, there is huge emphasis on proving the impact of outreach work in the present widening access agenda and a view is held by some that outreach work is not effective. NEON believes that the outreach work our members are doing is having a huge impact, and we want to provide a platform to show it.

This is why we have launched the #OutreachWorks campaign.

We are asking our members and those across the sector to tag links to research, testimonials, pictures or any content that demonstrates the impact of outreach work on widening access to HE. While there are forms of quantitative evidence that are very powerful in establishing the impact of outreach work, we would argue that there are a range of things that constitute evidence including the individual stories of students for example and we are keen to include these.

The goal of #OutreachWorks is to enable the NEON community working on the delivery of outreach work to shape the narrative surrounding its impact rather than have this narrative shaped for us.

We plan to run the campaign until spring 2018, and support this with commentary and discussion. We want to collate the most interesting examples of impactful outreach in a report to be released in spring 2018.

We urge our members to contribute to #OutreachWorks.

It is only by telling our own stories and those of our students that we will change the narrative around access in England.

We Look forward to hearing from you!